Photo of Eldon EashAbout Eash Software

Beginning in the mid 1980’s while working for an established local company, Eldon Eash began learning computer programming. He soon put his skills to use replacing manual labor-intensive business activities with the speed and accuracy of custom designed software programs.


Working in a typical business office environment he gained familiarity with common accounting functions and procedures such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales Orders, Inventory Control, Purchasing and Receiving, General Ledger and Payroll.


Utilizing his understanding of business procedures and knowledge of programming he developed company-specific software to enhance the efficiency of common procedures.


As the new millennium approached, a career opportunity arose to move into full-time programming. Leveraging his skills in SuperDOS Business Basic he was soon programming in Microsoft’s FoxPro 2.6 for Windows and shortly thereafter Visual FoxPro 5.0.


Now working extensively in the latest version of Microsoft’s powerful data-centric Visual FoxPro 9.0 environment modifying and customizing business accounting software such as Sage Pro (formerly SBT/ACCPAC) and Visual AccountMate he has continued to meet the needs of his customers as they adapt to changing business or business-specific needs using his exceptional analytical skills to identify and revise design weaknesses in existing software and modify and customize for optimum performance.

Custom programming includes a 2+ year effort utilizing the Visual ProMatrix development framework to create a brand new application for the technologically coming-of-age Marina Sales industry.


“Eldon is one of the most experienced and dedicated programmers I've ever worked with.”

J. Lane, President
LanDal Corp.

"Eldon Eash is a great programmer.  His ability to understand things in a real world application is incredible.  (more...)

Brian Huels,
Quote It Products LLC