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Track all of your fuel charges by entering purchases in the Gas Charges screen.

The Gas Charges screen shows total vehicle fuel expense, per mile fuel expense, yearly fuel expense, total miles driven, average miles per year, average miles per gallon, next oil change and other information.

The available report of gas charges shows total dollar amount per person - handy when multiple drivers use one common account.





Add your vehicle(s) to Car Tracker in the Cars Maintenance screen. By adding work performed entries you can see the total expense, per year and per mile expense for your vehicle(s). 

Maintain Reminders and Purchase and Sell information on the Maintenance Screen.

When you set the oil change automatic reminder you will be prompted to set up the next reminder when you enter a work record for oil change. Oil changes and other reminders will be displayed when Car Tracker is started.




Add and maintain drivers in the Drivers Maintenance Screen.

Default Car and Default Vendor is used to automatically populate these fields in when adding new purchases in the Gas Charges screen.




Use the Vendor Maintenance Screen to maintain vendor information for assigning to Drivers, gas Charges and/or Maintenance records or for accessing vendor websites.





The Gas Charges Report is an extremely versatile information tool for analyzing data accumulated in the Gas Charges screen. 

Select data by a range based on Mileage, Miles Per Gallon, Gallons, Price Per Gallon or Sale Amount.

Generate then Preview or Print your report.