Check Register



Monthly Bills


Monthly Bills



My Finances Toolbar and Processing Screen



Analysis Graph Screen



Manage multiple accounts in the Check Register screen.

Easily download transactions from any financial institution that provides standard OFX files.

Add checks that have not yet cleared and you'll know your up-to-the-minute balance.

When checks clear your bank the Check Register will automatically be updated when you download and post transactions.




The Monthly Bills screen stores information for each regular monthly bill you pay.

Set the Reminder option to ensure timely payment for every bill. 

Use the Online tab to store your login info for one-click access to websites.

Add payments you have scheduled online, directly from the Monthly Bills screen to keep your Bank Account balance accurate up-to-the-minute.

You may then easily match downloaded transactions to these previously posted payments when they appear in your download file during the posting process to show them as cleared in the Check Register.




The Toolbar gives convenient one-click access to the main processes of My Finances.

Shown here with the processing screen selected which is used to automatically navigate to the website of a selected bank or financial institution and download transactions for recent activity.

After saving the downloaded transaction file the transactions are then posted, with budget categories assigned to each transaction for comparing to your predetermined monthly budget amounts in the Monthly Analysis screen.





Select from over a dozen data sets in up to 4 graph styles to visually observe income and expense trends from month to month and year to year.