Personal Financial Software

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My Finances can effectively help you manage your budget, one or more bank accounts, your bill paying and monthly purchases.

Bill Pay Reminders, Cash Requirements Forecasting, Budget Analysis, daily bank balance information and one-click access to online accounts are just some of the features that make this application you need to be in control of your finances.

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Car Tracker Software


Car Tracker will help you effectively manage maintenance and expenses on your cars and trucks.

Through easy to navigate screens Car Tracker enables you to easily enter, view and report on your vehicle(s) usage and costs.

The handy built-in reminder feature assists you in setting prompts to alert you when routine maintenance is due on your car.

The included help file gives context-sensitive help accessible throughout Car Tracker simply by pressing the F1 key.

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Password Accounts

Main Password Accounts Screen


If you have lists of user IDs and passwords or numerous sticky notes here and there for signing on to various programs, websites and/or financial institutions, this handy little program is what you need to store your sensitive information.


Access to the program can be password protected so only you can view the account credentials you store.


Use the Security Questions feature to safely store up to 3 questions and answers for each account as is now frequently required by financial institutions.


Password Accounts is now updated to rate the strength of your passwords to thwart hacking by unauthorized users.


User Name, Password and Security Questions and Answers are all encrypted for safe storage.



Birthdays and Anniversaries

Need a convenient way to remember Birthdays and Anniversaries? Download this simple application to store names and dates.

Post to Outlook and print a monthly calendar showing all birthdays and anniversaries.

Send email directly from this application as well.


Sample Calendar Printout From Outlook

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Try it free for 60 days. Unlimited use license: $29.99.









Download Car Tracker

Try it free for 60 days. Unlimited use license: $14.99.

Download Help File

Download Self-Extracting File and click Unzip to extract and view the Car Tracker User Guide.


Please allow up to 24 hours to receive license key by email.


Download Password Accounts
Current Version 1.5.7

Try it free for 60 days. Unlimited use license: $9.99.


Please allow up to 24 hours to receive license key by email.




Download Birthdays and Anniversaries

Freeware. Download for unlimited use.

Donation are welcome if you find Birthdays and Anniversaries useful.